We hope you enjoyed your visit here. Here are a few places I hope you'll enjoy.

Anime Links in General

Anime Web Turnpike
*The* site to go for anime, anything and everything about it!

OtakuWorld Anime and Manga
Another good site.

Online Comics


One of THE best online manga out there.

RPG cliches spoofed right.

Penny Arcade
I don't think there's a single rabid gamer who hasn't taken a reference from this.

Games in General

A site about RPG games.

Title says it all, doesn't it?

Game Revolution Magazine Online
One of DJ's favourite primary sites when looking for gaming info.

Games Domain - The Gamer's Voice
A very comprehensive game site.

Stuck on a game? Check this site out! One of the most comprehensive FAQ sites around.

Fanfic Sites

Neon Genesis Evangelion: R
By far, one of the best Eva fanfic series out there.

The Writings of Addison Godel
Wheeeeee, writings!

Dot's Concept Space
Read various fanfics. Some of my favourite Dragonball fanfics are here!

Oh No! Not another Final Fantasy VII page!
The main feature is the 'Final Fantasy VII Internet Series'. Well worth a look!

ASUKA'S Notebook
While there's no homepage, the images in the directory are worth a look.

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